Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy St. Valentine's Day to all of you.

Take a moment to think of that special someone and plan to make them understand that (s)he is special for all times. Let bygones be bygones and look to the future with renewed commitment and find each other afresh. The enchantment of your early days together, the magic of looking at each other through the years, may it all make your life from this moment on a magical journey of love and understanding.

The Valentine's Ball is being held today. Bring your partner to the Cafe and get 99% discount on your bill. If you can send us a picture of the two of you at the cafe, you get and additional 1% discount.

Since it is Valentine's day, and in the true spirit of the cafe, I would like to welcome Danimalop to Cafe Kong. For those of you who are wondering why this special welcome, well.. add him as a friend and ask him why in a shout. He is a honourable guy.

I am homepounded this valentines day. :( But I getto spend all of it at the Cafe so \0/

I was thinking of adding a new section called person of the week. You can vote who your favourite Cafe patron is, for that week. I gave up on that because everyone of you are unique and special to me.

Well I am not really a good blogger. So anyone interested in helping out?? I did do one cool thing though. I added a social bookmarking button. It was a great achievement for me.

There are some interesting changes coming to The Cafe. Keep watching this space.

If you are alone this Valentine's day.. then you are not at the cafe.