Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cafe Kong Kongai Tornament

So, I was thinking of what to write for my newest post since my 5 weeks away from Kong. I was in Digg Mark 1 (ironic right?) and chitown15 (its owner) was commenting how this blog has only 27 posts, while the DM1 blog, created a few days ago, has around 10 posts. I felt like I needed to make another post to make it 28 posts. I thought for a moment, told DM1 that I was thinking about stuff to write for the blog, and an idea hit me. Lets make me a Cafe Kong Kongai Tournament!
It will be be 3 card or 5 card, I will let the competiters decide. Single elimination, hopefully able to get 16 or 32 people. Comment below, leave your vote (3 or 5 card), and Kongregate name. Seeds will be placed randomely, and it is up to the two people facing each other to play at a certain point in time, and leave me a shout (physcomonkey) on who won and who lost. Hopefully somebody with some leverge could get an admin to award points for the 1st 2nd and 3rd place. Tournament starts when we get 16 or 32 people sign up, depends on how long it takes 16 people to sign up. Sign up!