Friday, May 23, 2008

Cafe Kong Kwotes 1

Okay, here's a brand new segment for no particular reason, the Café Kwotes! Here we will post some funny quotes said by our dedicated Caféers in parody to popular games on Kongregate. I'm sure many of you may be able to empathise with these quotes.

Our first quote (or kwote) is by Jonno_Gradian, on the subject of Papa's Pizzeria:
Jonno_Gradian: Hello my good sir, now I'd like a pizza
Jonno_Gradian: with two slices of pepperoni in
Jonno_Gradian: thhhhhhhhhat corner there
Jonno_Gradian: also, i'd like it cooked for 30 seconds

Hope you smiled, tell me if this segment is worth continuing, too.