Friday, July 25, 2008

The epic pwning of DeFeo222

It was a boring day at the Cafe. Fabricant and MikeChilds were bored. DeFeo2222 had arrived. Thinking that he would be an awesome Mod, he asked a Mod in the room to recommend him. The Mod said "no". Confused, DeFeo2222 began to explain why he would be such a good Mod for the room. Unimpressed, the Mod reminded him that asking to become a Mod will result in a "no".

MikeChilds, witnessing the incidence, thought of an evil plan. "I shall Rick-Roll this poor soul" he thought as he typed away to DeFeo. "Hey" said Mike. "I heard you wanted to become a Mod. I know the secret to become a Mod". Happy with the news, DeFeo replied "yes wat". " - it's a guide by a former mod who lets you know all the secrets" said Mike as he grinned to himself. A few short moments passed. DeFeo had watched the video. "MIKECHILDS" he screamed in anger. MikeChilds laughed. "You have to watch the video. When you do, a button appears. When you click on it, it takes you to the site". Many Rick-Rolls later, DeFeo still did not understand. He tried everything MikeChilds told him to do. Watch the video. Look at more Rick Roll videos and find a "secret button". Watch them again. It was brilliant

Angered by this, DeFeo threatened Mike to tell him the secret. He even made an alt account called IWORK. On this account, he claimed to be a secret Mod and demanded Mike to tell him to the secret. Mike did not want to tell the "secret". He threatened bans, but Mike would not break. The joke has been going on for 15 minutes now. DeFeo was determined to get this "secret" so he challenged Mike to a race in Platform Racing 2. It was an epic battle full of fail. As planned, Mike lost at the end. Mike had to tell DeFeo the "secret". Mike sighed. "The secret is..." whispered Mike. "what" said DeFeo.

"Everybody laugh at DeFeo2222" delcared Mike to the Cafe. Unfortunately, they did not laugh. "A DEAL IS A DEAL ISNT" yelled DeFeo, who was soon told to turn caps off. Fabricant then acted as if he did not know what was going on. DeFeo begged Fabricant to ban MikeChilds. "Why?" asked Fabricant. DeFeo began to explain that MikeChilds knew a site that turned people into Mods. He provided the link. "This is very serious..." said Fabricant. The room went silent. "SERIOUS BUSINESS! The Internet is not a truck! It's a series of tubes!" yelled Fabricant. DeFeo was confused. "ban mikechilds" he said. Some members of the Cafe were laughing at poor DeFeo's guillibility. Others were confused. MikeChilds began to tell the story. Every Cafe Kong members began to laugh with the exception of a few who think Rick Rolling is stupid. DeFeo left the room. The humiliation was too much to handle.

Around 8 hours after the joke, DeFeo came into Feed The Ducks. He called the Mods and told them to ban MikeChilds. When asked why, he told them about the apparent site that turns people into Mods. People laughed, but it was serious business still. If you see DeFeo still talking about this site that turns people into Mods, please take a screenshot and post it in the comments.

This has been a long story created by Fabricant. Thank you for reading and no thank you if you TL;DR'd it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cafe Kong Comp Alpha Results!

Well, the results are in!
A huge thanks to everyone who voted and an even bigger thanks to those who submitted images; it was extremely close. In the end, a tie was needed to be broken and the winner is:

War_Wrecker with his "Win"ning picture:

And runner-up TheCrom for Hammertime!

Congratulations to both of you; you now have some bragging rights!
I've got an idea towards a prize, but it may take a while to come into effect. For now, War gets 2 points and Crom gets 1 point towards the prizes (whatever they end up being)


Monday, July 21, 2008

Cafe Kong Kwotes

I missed this one yet it was supplied by Fabricant. He has made a brilliant motivational poster

Enjoy =D