Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cafe Kong Kwotes.

Today, a particularly lengthy conversation granted to us by Jonno_Gradian after a certain user tried to blame all his trollish-ness on his little brother. For confidentiality, his name has been removed from the text and replaced with 'Dude'. Heh. Enjoy.

Dude: Please that is my brother!!! T_T hiks
Venzael: Enough of the brother story...
Dude: Not me!!!! if you cant trust me, lets go to the cort
MikeChilds: Judge Ven will preside
MikeChilds: all rise
Dude: JONNO!!! what did you mean of "P"???
Venzael: Order! Order!!
Hiccups125: I call the jury!
Dude: hahahahaha
MikeChilds: Jonno and I are the commentators
Jonno_Gradian: It's a beatiful day for trials today, don't you think so Mike?
MikeChilds: I do indeed
MikeChilds: I know what the audience are expecting today: a public ban sticker
Jonno_Gradian: oh yes, Speaking of the public
Dude: dadadadadadadadadadadada
Jonno_Gradian: Tonight we have the public versus Dude
Dude: hey!!!!!!
MikeChilds: a strong first arguement from Dude there
Venzael: I found his lack of persuasive language, disappointing, Mike.
Jonno_Gradian: as you can see, the public destroy in numbers, but Dude has his little brother
Dude: N
Venzael: Of course, the opening statement is the strongest.
Jonno_Gradian: it's gonna be a close one, lets watch...
MikeChilds: how can you argue with "dadadadadadadadadadadada"?
Venzael: Well, his underuse of the other 24 letters let him down, I felt, Mike.
Hiccups125: I, the jury find the defendant...
Jonno_Gradian: And here come's the verdict...
MikeChilds: *drumroll*
MikeChilds: dun dun duuuun
Hiccups125: Guilty!
MikeChilds: and an unsurprising result, he has been found guilty
MikeChilds: your thoughts Jonno?
Jonno_Gradian: It was an ambush from the start Mike
Jonno_Gradian: almost as obvious as a Troll's vocabulary
MikeChilds: but what a great ambush to watch
Dude: Please Give your cash!
MikeChilds: this has been CK Court and I've been Mike
Dude: This is a robery
Jonno_Gradian: And I've been Jonno
Jonno_Gradian: Goodnight!
MikeChilds: Good night

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cafe Kong Comp Alpha: To the public

Okay, so it's been two weeks since the deadline. Yes, I'm lazy. Deal with it :P
Although I think one came in after the deadline. Does that make it a zombieline? Eh, anyway.
Here are the entries. The winner will be decided by popular vote. Click to enlarge the images.

You may vote for two of the images. Whisper me on my profile to place a First Preference and a Second Preference. The First Pref will receive two points and the Second Pref will receive one. You cannot vote for the same image twice :P
The image with the most votes will win. In the event of a tie, I'll get someone else to pick between the tied images.

Voting closes on the 22nd of July

Image (1)

Image (2)

Image (3)

Image (4)

Image (5)