Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cafe Kong Kwotes.

Today, a particularly lengthy conversation granted to us by Jonno_Gradian after a certain user tried to blame all his trollish-ness on his little brother. For confidentiality, his name has been removed from the text and replaced with 'Dude'. Heh. Enjoy.

Dude: Please that is my brother!!! T_T hiks
Venzael: Enough of the brother story...
Dude: Not me!!!! if you cant trust me, lets go to the cort
MikeChilds: Judge Ven will preside
MikeChilds: all rise
Dude: JONNO!!! what did you mean of "P"???
Venzael: Order! Order!!
Hiccups125: I call the jury!
Dude: hahahahaha
MikeChilds: Jonno and I are the commentators
Jonno_Gradian: It's a beatiful day for trials today, don't you think so Mike?
MikeChilds: I do indeed
MikeChilds: I know what the audience are expecting today: a public ban sticker
Jonno_Gradian: oh yes, Speaking of the public
Dude: dadadadadadadadadadadada
Jonno_Gradian: Tonight we have the public versus Dude
Dude: hey!!!!!!
MikeChilds: a strong first arguement from Dude there
Venzael: I found his lack of persuasive language, disappointing, Mike.
Jonno_Gradian: as you can see, the public destroy in numbers, but Dude has his little brother
Dude: N
Venzael: Of course, the opening statement is the strongest.
Jonno_Gradian: it's gonna be a close one, lets watch...
MikeChilds: how can you argue with "dadadadadadadadadadadada"?
Venzael: Well, his underuse of the other 24 letters let him down, I felt, Mike.
Hiccups125: I, the jury find the defendant...
Jonno_Gradian: And here come's the verdict...
MikeChilds: *drumroll*
MikeChilds: dun dun duuuun
Hiccups125: Guilty!
MikeChilds: and an unsurprising result, he has been found guilty
MikeChilds: your thoughts Jonno?
Jonno_Gradian: It was an ambush from the start Mike
Jonno_Gradian: almost as obvious as a Troll's vocabulary
MikeChilds: but what a great ambush to watch
Dude: Please Give your cash!
MikeChilds: this has been CK Court and I've been Mike
Dude: This is a robery
Jonno_Gradian: And I've been Jonno
Jonno_Gradian: Goodnight!
MikeChilds: Good night