Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Rick Roll, a Kwote and a Comp

==A Rick Roll==
A great big congratulations to MikeChilds, the Cafe's latest new mod addition. And also our famed and annoying rick roller ;)

Everyone do your best to rick roll this guy and unseat him as master rick roller. :D

==A Kwote==
After mild observation of Talesworth Arena: Death Watch, doctormarmalade found the attacks a little strange.

doctormarmalade: Ven, After playing all those console games with brilliant stories and no odd things ingame, It is a tad bit odd to find myself fighting a drunk man with a flamethrower whilst he attacks me with vomit.

==A Competition==
I will be posting the results of the competition over time, so as to not flood you with too much Fantastic Contraption. The winner of the first division will be announced on the weekend when I have time to look at them all (seriously you guys, you got really into this! :D)