Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Cafe-kong Minicity Link.

Greetings Cafe regulars.

The Cafe-kong minicity has grown very quickly. I sincerely wish to thank each and every one of you. It does mean a lot to me.

Here is an interesting link pointed out by Spindax and Stefan for the Cafe-kong Minicity. It is supposed to figure out the best upgrade (Ind/Sec/Tra/ etc) and redirect you accordingly.

It is looks like it is Working.

I am awestruck that people have such an affinity for the Cafe. Any suggestions for improvement of Cafe is welcome.

I must Express my appreciation to Siufb2 who has designed what could well be the Logo of Cafe Kong.

I ought to mention each and every one of you by name and extent my appreciation, but that would sound phony here. So I have left each one of you a personal shout for the new year in your Kong profile. Trust me, I meant those Shouts.

You (Insert YOUR name here) have reinforced my personal belief that Teamwork wins. Without (Insert YOUR name here) your personal involvement and affinity, Cafe Kong would not have grown as well as it has now.

I have a spreadsheet with me which lists 84 Regular patrons of Cafe Kong, and just over 176 others who visit on a regular basis. It is a phenomenal display of your attachment. I am proud to be one among this awesome group of Gamers.


  1. Nqkoi1 said...

    Why did I not get such a message in the shouts.

  2. Cafe Kong said...

    Probably because you just delete all Messages that I leave in your Shouts Nq! :P But seriously, I did leave a Shout.

  3. Mach said...

    .. come to that, the only shout i have from her is dated Oct.1st...