Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How Now?

Hello All.

There was a time when The Good People or Barrens contested the Players of Jugon in an inter room contest. It was hard work but fun.

To give a brief description, there were three rounds. An elimination round, a Selection round and a trophy round.

Would anyone be interested in such a contest now? Probably against The Attic or League of Gamers.

I am open to ideas and suggestions. Suggest games, names, offer help or what ever. This could perhaps be an excuse to start using this blog a bit better.

Cheers All.


  1. Daniel said...

    sure, i'd be interested. i'm not sure how much commitment you're looking for, i can't guarantee much, but i happen to be around a lot.

  2. PMK said...

    as ive told you already, and i will say it again, i will be happy to help in any way, shape or form possible.

    P.S. i can work wonders with a spreadsheet, can come in use for scoring