Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Good things have been happening at Cafe Kong. We have good reason to Cheer. The Individual with the Highest Level and points on Kongregate is none other than the Cafe's own Nadroj09. This week we are having a special Colonial style Dinner as a toast to Nad and his w00tsome levels.

Kongrats Nad! You rock!!

In other news, the list of regulars have grown. So our ranks have increased. It will be hard to list individuals here. But you {yeah.. you know who I am talking about} Welcome to Cafe Kong.

I am shocked to see that the initial affinity to the Cafekong Minicity has tapered off and the city is now desolate. I entice you all to visit http://lightning.generator.free.fr/linkmyminicity.php?town=cafe-kong. Every bit helps people.



  1. Mach said...

    i think partly the old regulars have become less regular, and the newer ones don't know about it; or what they do know is that people spam minicity links in chat, and are loathe to participate.

    i'm still there. but there's only so much i can do. ;)

  2. Anonymous said...

    I guess this goes without saying, but nad is also the highest level mod.


  3. Mach said...

    .. and yes, Kongrats, Nadroj. :)

  4. Anonymous said...

    Woo! go Nad!

  5. Cafe Kong said...

    Grats Nadro!

  6. TheCrom said...

    Nad wiiiiiiiiins!