Friday, March 14, 2008

New writer

Good news for the Cafe' blog. We have a new writer im town. His name is physcomonkeykid. So there may be a change in the writing style of a few of the posts. Do not worry, as all of my (physcomonkeykid)'s posts will have PMK at the end, and if valkyrie complies, all of her posts will have val at the end.

We may be having a new website soon, complete with updates, comments, a photo gallery of our members (if that doest seem too creepy) and possibly a forum.

Well, i have to go to school, so have a great Kongreffic day (does that seem too cheesy?) and remeber:



  1. Anonymous said...

    Yes that does seem very creepy.
    Also very cheesy.
    =D Awesometastic.

  2. matthew said...

    truly, the blog is growing