Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cafe Kong Competition - Alpha edition

Yes, I neglected to use alliteration due to the whole kkk thing. Anyway, so here's time for a little experiment. How about a little competition between us Cafe Kongers?

The first challenge is to create the most humorous image from the game: Arcane. You may use anything within the game you want, however the rules are as follows:
-You must use a screen capture from Arcane, by Hadar1989
-You may not edit the image so it is recognizably Arcane, but you may crop and add things, like, say, donuts or captions and so forth.

Your prize is yet to be announced. And by that, I mean it hasn't been decided. But your name will go down in the Cafe Kong Hall of Fame!

To enter, please upload your picture to Imageshack or Photobucket or some other filehosting site and send me a whisper on my Kongregate profile with the address
This change is prevent people from getting ideas from others' work :P

Entries close 30th of June
Have fun!


  1. Hiccups125 said...

    Sounds great! My entry willl be in soon.

  2. MikeChilds said...

    Kafe Kong Kwotes:

    Darxzero: Where do I find fish?
    hiddenninja: In water.
    Darxzero: REALLY?!

  3. Sam said...
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  4. War_Wrecker said...

    mine are in. all 7 of them. taken in a 30 minute session, and only 2 of them were set up :D

    hope to see more funny picks of arcane getting shot in the face/chest/crotch

  5. MikeChilds said...


  6. Hoodlum4hire said...

    Nice idea Ven, you're really finding ways to forge a tight-nit community for the Cafe. Good moderating. ^ ^