Thursday, September 4, 2008

TWO Major things. It's epic

Hello Cafe Kongers! Been a while since there's been a post so Mike is here bringing you not one but TWO major events

Firstly, I've decided that due to the ever-growing number of people with Wii's there will be an inaugral Super Smash Bro's Brawl Cafe Kong tourney! Everyone who has a copy of this game and a Wi-Fi connection can take part, although it will be open exclusively to people in Cafe Kong. The rules will be simple: Best of 3 matches, up to 4 people in a match (depending on numbers) and the top 2 progress in each match. I'll see what I can do but the winner will get an awesome prize. A cookie or something

Can you please post your SSBB code in your comment below so eveyone knows. Thanks

Secondly I believe that the CK community is like a family - hence, it'd be cool to see what we all look like. The comments for this can now be posting your picture to let others know what you look like.

Ay comments or thoughts about the tourney shout me on Kong