Monday, April 7, 2008

Make a mental note

Hello beloved members of the Cafe.

I am so happy that I am literally crying now. I owe a debt of gratitude to several people. Some call me insane. I might be. But I babble.

The reason for my happiness; for a while now the cafekong mini city was almost in ruins. It has been brought back from the brink of a disaster. And I really owe a lot to several people. McCoyEVP, Nadroj09, Kikkerman, Stefan88, MeMe44 are among a few to name.

We shall remain strong. And the coffee will always overflow in

Sob stuff aside, I have been toying around with the idea of the cafekong website. What is it that you would like to see most in the cafekong website? Any suggestions on the design and concept that we can follow? I am open to ideas and suggestions. A list of features that you want there, how you want it. If there are any considrations for joomla or drupal or something like that, let me know.

I have been considering the option of purchasing something called Dolphin. Any ideas on that? It costs about a hundred dollars, but that does away with the need to program a lot of stuff. I have also been considering the option of a Wiki. That could be some potent stuff. So.. think this over. Since this is going to be your site, I need your input. Do leave your comments or if you prefer send an e-mail to

Peace to the cafe.


  1. McCoyEVP said...

    Note: The
    link to determine the area needed most in the city is not functioning any longer and attempts to create a new city. Val, when you get a chance change the link in your last post so users will not increase the population only or speak with Stefan about changing the link. I sent out mass whispers to many of the regulars of the Cafe to go to that link once per day, but as it is not working I will resend out messages to some asking them to concentrate on a specific region as there was simply a massive increase in population and the result was devistating to the other areas yeaterday.