Friday, April 11, 2008

Moderators Appreciation Week.

Lately I have received a lot of mail asking me what makes Cafe Kong Special. My response has always been that it is the people who make it special. My belief is "It takes good people to bring out the goodness in you". So Cafe Kong if the best place on Kongregate because it has the best people.

I would like to add to that statement. If Cafe Kong is so special, equal appreciation has to go to the Moderators as well. This is one place that mods do not come down harsh and there has been no random acts of vengeance. The moderators here are known for their patience, understanding, tolerance and a whole lot more. (Well meisme's nomination has drawn some flak. But do give her a chance). Some of the mods in the Cafe let people get away with things which would have earned them permanent bans from some of the mods from other rooms. I am so glad that we are not running things like Bouncers or Gestapo. This is a fun place. A happy place where you can have a civil conversation with your friends. And the mods let you relax and unwind.

I have had the pleasure of seeing(for a fleeting few moments) one of the best analyst and strategist in the field of Internet, web and web communities, during an interview; Jeremiah Owyang. His thoughts have mirrored mine.

He Says "First of all, many have a hard time being successful with their community if they want to control it too tight. The most successful companies let go of the control and acted more like a host, rather than a policeman."(Edited for clarity)

And that got me thinking; "That is what we do at the cafe... we do not police.. we host". And that is what makes us different. So this week, I would like to make it Mod Appreciation Week, while we show our appreciation of Moderators at Cafe Kong.

That brings me to a different point. Some have e-mailed me saying that they are disappointed that they have not been considered as Moderator Candidates, and some have even said that I am playing favourites. I am really sorry to hear that. There has been no favouritism or discredit to any of the deserving candidates. Two of the existing moderators can confirm that before I nominated them, I have had very personal and bitter conflicts with them. That did not stop me from giving credit where it is due, and recommending them for the Moderator's role.

Several names HAD been recommended. Of them several had been vetoed (for various reasons). And some have been set aside for the next round of appointments. It is not within my power to appoint moderators. Don't lose heart. If you are deserving, you will get it. The new system of moderating is described here by Greg.


  1. ackk said...

    Thalarion here. For what it's worth, I think the mods do a great job. For a long time I refused the moderator role because I knew a lot of mods and figured I could always find one when needed. That changed late one Friday night when people started going overboard in Awesomesauce Extreme. I'm not pointing fingers but I was frustrated that I couldn't do anything and at that point I decided that I really should help out where I can. I'm still as surprised as most of you are :P

  2. doctormarmalade said...

    i was there on that night. Actually, i was the one that contacted you about it. ANYWAY, im gonna have to give stefan a back massage now, arent i.

  3. pmk said...

    love the post, but why did you move to hall of odin?

  4. Stefan said...

    Sorry doc, being able to massage my back is a privilege that has been awarded to few won't be awarded again to anyone new unless I need professional help with my back.

    If its mod appreciation week, can someone tell MikeChilds to stop badgering me with terrible lyrics?